Valplast International Corporation Senior Vice President, Carmen Alatzas, named among Top 25 Women in Dentistry by Dental Products Report. 

For Valplast Senior Vice President, Carmen Alatzas, Valplast International Corporation is more than just a company and more than a career. It is a living, breathing entity that must be constantly cared for and loved. The amount of time and effort Carmen devotes to Valplast is significant.  If there is one attribute Carmen possesses that sets her apart, it is her extreme attention to detail and drive to see each and every aspect of her projects to the end and the Company to continuous success. She is the epitome of dedication. The level of commitment Carmen demonstrates translates into everything she produces. Every element of marketing, every exhibit display and every package that ships, has a little piece of Carmen’s imagination.

Carmen quietly acknowledges, when asked, that "I had to figure out my own path in my career with little certainty, few resources, and challenges faced by many first generation Americans. My personal experiences helped establish how I work, how I feel, and who I am.” Her ability to cope with challenging situations in life and in work, and to make quick and effective decisions, is beyond extraordinary. Each challenge has "really driven me to appreciate and take care of what I have, and to reach for what could be around the corner."

There is little that Carmen is not involved in at Valplast, and through it all she remains humble and true to her mission.  She appreciates the recognition bestowed upon her and all the women whose contributions to the dental industry are celebrated by Dental Products Report.  Carmen is a firm believer in working hard for what you want and remaining passionate about the outcome while being flexible about the process. Valplast would not be what it is today without her ingenuity and talent. For that, we are grateful to have her part of the Valplast family, and congratulate her again on being named among the Top 25 Women in Dentistry in 2015.