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Which Dentists work with Valplast?

Any dentist can work with Valplast, even if they have never used it before. We would be pleased to assist your current dentist or any dentist new to Valplast on how to work with Valplast® partials. Please feel free to have your dentist contact us for information on Valplast® Techniques and to connect with a Certified Valplast® Laboratory. However, if you need to locate a new dentist our friends at 1-800-DENTIST may be able to help you. Through our collaboration with 1-800-DENTIST, the #1 dentist referral network in the world, we are now pleased to be able to offer a Valplast® Dentist referral service. Please call 1-800-DENTIST or visit for more details on how to locate a Valplast dentist in your area.


What is 1-800-DENTIST?

1-800-DENTIST is a free service that matches people with dentists in their local areas. Dentists that are listed with 1-800-DENTIST have undergone extensive screening and evaluation procedures to ensure the highest level of quality and care for new patients. Valplast has been working with 1-800-DENTIST to help people connect with Valplast® dentists since 2007.


How many people utilize the 1-800-DENTIST service?

1-800-DENTIST is contacted by more than 4 million people annually through its memorable phone number and popular Web site,1-800-DENTIST.


Does the public get to choose from a list or directory of dentists?

People who contact 1-800-DENTIST are not provided a list of dentists from which to choose, nor are they quoted fees. Their professionally trained operators gather comprehensive information from each person in order to match them with a 1-800-DENTIST member in the most convenient location who can meet their dental health needs.


Can just any dentist sign up to become a member of 1-800-DENTIST?

Dentists who apply for membership with 1-800-DENTIST must pass an extensive screening and evaluation process. This includes obtaining proof of appropriate levels of malpractice insurance coverage and contacting the State Board of Dental Examiners or Board of Dentistry to ensure licenses are in good standing. Most importantly, we monitor patient feedback and conduct periodic reviews to verify that these standards are continuing to be met. This process is intended to uphold 1-800-DENTISTs commitment to the public and to ensure that all members of the program are in good company.


Is everyone who contacts 1-800-DENTIST matched with a dentist?

Consumers who call 1-800-DENTIST or visit 1-800-DENTIST are matched based on location, dental needs and method of payment. Each member dentist provides 1-800-DENTIST with a profile that provides extensive details about their practice such as office hours, location and available procedures. To ensure a suitable dentist-to-patient match, the 1-800-DENTIST operators use these profiles to select dentists who meet the individual needs and other criteria communicated by the caller. However, because not every dentist is a 1-800-DENTIST member, we do not always have a dentist who meets the specific needs of every caller.