Incorporating flexible partials successfully into your laboratory involves more than the purchase of equipment. As with every material that you work with in the dental laboratory, flexible partials will require knowledge, dedication and practice in order to master the skills necessary to grow your business.

Valplast has been teaching dental technicians how to make flexible partial dentures since 1953. As the inventors of the flexible partial denture, we pride ourselves on being able to pass our decades of knowledge and experience on to aspiring dental technicians.

The Valplast International Training & Education Center is located at the Valplast head offices in Westbury, New York. Courses are offered year round for new and existing Valplast technicians to learn and improve their Valplast techniques

Valplast is excited to announce that it will be adding many new course offerings through Valplast education.

The courses now available from the Valplast Education Center are listed below. Spaces are limited, so please use the following link to book yourself onto a course and get onto the path of learning the Valplast way! 

Basic Valplast® Techniques Hands-On Workshop (2 Day)
Advanced Valplast® Techniques Hands-On Workshop (2 Day)
Valplast® Essentials Course for labs who outsource (1 Day)
Valplast® Concepts Course for technicians, owners, and dentists who do not need hands-on (or are not ready for hands-on) (4-Hour)
Valplast® Basic Course Observer for department heads/lab owners who come along with hands-on technician but do not do hands-on work (8-Hour Credit for observing 2-Day course).*
Valplast® Specific Technique webinars.  These will be 1-Hour webinar presentations and demonstrations of specific techniques.
Valplast® Digital Techniques