Incorporating flexible partials successfully into your laboratory involves more than the purchase of equipment. As with every material that you work with in the dental laboratory, flexible partials will require knowledge, dedication and practice in order to master the skills necessary to grow your business.

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1 Box Red Pencils

1 Sample Pack of Sprue Wax

1 Sample Pack of Strip Wax

1 Sample Pack of Palate Wax

1 Valplast® Carbide Bur

1 Sample Pack of #13 Green Stones

1 Pack of Green Silicone Polishers

1 Valplast® Knife

3 Rag Buffs

1 Jar (1lb.) of Polaris Brand Synthetic Pumice

1 Bar of Valplast® Gold Tripoli

1 Bar of Mirror Shine High Polish Compound

1 Technique Manual

Reference Guides

Marketing Materials

1 Valplast Manual Press

1 Valplast Digital Furnace

2 Anodized Flasks

2 Cylinders

2 Thick Bronze Disks

1 Thin Bronze Disk

1 Knock Out Tube

1 Can Mold Release Spray

1 Sample Jar V-Sep Separator

1 Jar of Val-Cement

1 Pack of #6 Twist Drills

1 Pack of #9 Twist Drills

1 Pack of #12 Twist Drills

25 Valplast® Resin Cartridges (5 Small, 15 Medium, 5 Large)

25 Sample Packets of Val-Clean Denture Cleanser



Valplast® Resin

5 Tubes of Genuine Valplast® Resin

5 Authenticity Certificates


Valplast has been teaching dental technicians how to make flexible partial dentures since 1953. As the inventors of the flexible partial denture, we pride ourselves on being able to pass our decades of knowledge and experience on to aspiring dental technicians.

The Valplast International Training Education Center is located at the Valplast headquarters in Westbury, New York. Courses are offered year round for new and existing Valplast technicians to learn and improve their Valplast techniques.