A Certificate of Authenticity must be handed out to your patients. If you are not getting a certificate when you receive a completed Valplast® Flexible Partial, it is likely that you are not receiving original Valplast® Resin.

Look for the Valplast® Certificate of Authenticity with every Valplast® appliance that you receive from your lab. The unique 25-digit serial number on each Valplast® Certificate of Authenticity can then be registered online in order to activate our one of a kind lifetime warranty against breakage and fracture of the Valplast® denture base resin.


As FDA regulations tighten, be sure to comply!

For ID and traceability purposes, it is essential to be able to track medical device materials

Always prescribe genuine Valplast®

If you would like help finding a Certified Valplast® Lab, please contact us today so as to ensure you receive genuine, award winning materials that patients love!