Caring for your new Full or partial denture

Your new restoration, like your natural teeth, requires care and good oral hygiene.


Val-Clean® Concentrated Denture Cleanser will safely, quickly, and effectively maintain the cleanliness of your removable dental appliance.




Clean Your Dental
Appliance Regularly

To Keep Your Appliance Looking And Feeling Like New, Please Follow These Simple Directions:

  • Rinse your appliance under running water.  Loose particles can be removed with the use of a specially-designed Denture Brush. Ordinary toothbrushes should not be used as these may scratch the surface of your appliance.

  • Soak your appliance in Val-Clean® Denture Cleanser for 10-15 minutes daily. You may also soak your appliance overnight 3 times a week for effective cleaning.

  • Enhanced cleaning may be achieved with the use of a vibrating denture bath such as the Denture Sonic or Denture Spa, also available from Valplast Supply Services, Inc.

  • Your dental appliance should remain hydrated when you are not wearing it.  Store your appliance in the Val-Clean® solution or plain water whenever it is not being worn.

  • Remember to brush your natural teeth and gums regularly as directed by your dentist.


         * Things to remember

  • The use of toothpaste may scratch or dull the surface of your appliance. Be sure to remove your appliance when brushing your natural teeth.
  • Please keep Val-Clean® Concentrated Dental Cleanser solution out of reach from children and pets and away from clothing.

  • If you experience any discomfort, unusual movement, or irritation from your dental appliance, please contact your dentist for assistance and follow the instructions of the dentist prescribing the appliance.


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