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Valplast® Experience

The procedure for adjusting Valplast® is easy with the appropriate abrasives.  Valplast® denture base resin is made from a complex blend of medical-grade nylon.  While durable, flexible, and delivering outstanding dimensional stability, the material needs to be trimmed using abrasives that cut quickly at slower  rotation speeds to avoid heat that could melt the resin.  Typical burs for trimming acrylic or chrome cobalt will generally not allow clean trimming of Valplast®.  


Valplast provides a solution especially designed for chairside adjustments of a Valplast® restoration.  

Each Valplast®  Chairside Adjustment Kit includes 3 essential burs and a Valplast® knife allowing for fast reduction, delicate adjustment, and smooth finishing.
The Valplast® Carbide Bur has a complex and aggressive cutting pattern that effectively grinds the Valplast® resin into a powder.  It works at medium to low speeds (20000-25000 rpm) with a micromotor handpiece.  While normally reserved for significant reduction, it will also allow fast relief in peripheral borders and areas where premature contact causes discomfort.
The Valplast® Green Mounted Stone is used to restore a smooth surface after trimming with the Valplast® Carbide Bur.  Used alone, the Green Mounted Stone can also be used for very precise relief and reduction of tight areas virtually anywhere on the appliance.  The Green Stone is also used at medium rotation. 

The Valplast® Green Silicone Point at medium rotation removes residues of fibers and sharp edges that might remain after trimming with the carbide or green stones.  the green point prepares trimmed surfaces for polishing if previously polished surfaces are trimmed in the adjustment process.
The Valplast® Knife contains a very sharp blade that cleanly removes fibers that may be difficult to eliminate with a rotary instrument. In order to minimize the need for adjusting valplast® partials, it is recommended that alginate impressions be taken with a stock tray as a final impression.  the mucostatic nature of alginate impressions preserves relaxed tissue dimensions reducing the sensation of tightness with a fully seated.
Valplast® Flexible Partial.  it is also recommended that the valplast® partital be heated slightly above body temperature using a hot water bath just prior to initial insertion.  this will allow a more relaxed insertion yielding more accurate sensory reporting by your patient when the partial is fully seated.

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