Computer Aided Craftsmanship... Innovation by Valplast. 

All Precise-Fit™ partial denture baseplates from Valplast are designed by expert Valplast technicians at the Valplast headquarters in Westbury, NY. This unique service allows Valplast technicians and prescribing dentists to draw upon our decades of experience in designing fully functional, aesthetic partial dentures in Valplast® for virtually any partial denture case. With a Precise-Fit™ baseplate from Valplast, the dentist can evaluate not only the jaw relation and tooth arrangement, but also preview the fit of the final restoration before processing, saving labs and doctors valuable time and money and reducing the need for adjustments. 

What does all this mean?

...Patients receive a Valplast® that requires less time for you to be in the dentist's chair, fits right away and feels more comfortable!  


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